The Polychrome Orchestra was founded in 2011 by singer and composer Pegelia Gold. 

The Orchestra performed works by Oxana Omelchuk, Henrik Ajax, Sebastian Dumetrescu, Arne Nordheim, Alban Berg and Gustav Mahler, among others. The musicians move in the interplay between classical and contemporary music, jazz, pop and free improvisation. 

The album "Echospheres", released in february 2018, includes songs by singer and composer Pegelia Gold and was released on Unit Records.

Pegelia Gold - voice/composition | Elisabeth Coudoux - cello | Marija Kandic - accordion | Leonhard Huhn - bassclarinet, clarinet, saxophon | Constantin Herzog - bass | Fabian Höhnes - drums, percussion | Daniel Prätzlich - percussion, drum

guests: Henrik Ajax - composition/arrangement | Alexander Wienand - fender rhodes, piano | Fabian Jung - drums | Dierk Peters - vibraphone | Tobias Schirmer - marimba | Dirk Rumig - flute | Juliane Mack - flute 

Fall 2022: Polychrome Orchestra´s new project will have its premiere at "Jazzvariations" at Kulturforum Fürth. After a long creative period, we will present Gustav Mahlers Kindertotenlieder in a new guise. Find out more here.

Pegelia Gold 

is a Berlin based singer and composer who works between jazz, improvised and contemporary music. Before her stage career, Gold lived for several years as a street musician and sculptor, traveling throughout Europe. In 2009 she graduated from HfM Würzburg. pegeliagold.com

 Marija Kandić 

studied music in Weimar and Würzburg with Prof. Ivan Koval and Prof. Stefan Hussong with a masterclass diploma. As a soloist and chamber musician she has given concerts in Germany, Italy, Finland, Canada, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia a.o. She dedicates herself to the premiere performance of contemporary music and is involved in various chamber music ensembles. As a soloist Marija also plays multimedia concerts for accordion/electronics/video.marija-kandic.blogspot.com

Elisabeth Coudoux

Violoncello studies in Dresden and jazz cello with Frank Gratkowski and Dieter Manderscheid at the University of Music and Dance in Cologne. Her concert activities in the field of free improvisation, contamporary music and jazz took her with a wide variety of projects through many European countries, to New York, Kenya, Mongolia and Russia. Scholarship holder of the OMI Residenz state New York 2014 and the Frauenkulturbüro NRW 2016. Member of Zeitkratzer, Beat The Odds, Polychrome Orchestra, S. Fields Feartet, Peuker8, Urbanic Cycles, Electrified Islands and as well her own project Emißatett. Several CD productions (e.g. Kintsugi, Haydn, Mostly Stick, Phase ::vier), Emißatett CD "qui-pro-quo-dis" (Schraum 19, 2015), The Octopus CD "Subzo(o)ne" (Leo Records 2016), Elisabeth Coudoux CD "Some Poems" - Cello Solo (Leo Records 2016), Duo w/ Robert Landfermann CD „Kedatha“ (Klaeng Records 2017). Emißatett CD "Earis" (Impakt Records, 2021) www.elisabethcoudoux.com

Constantin Herzog

double bass studies with Detmar Kurig at HfMT Cologne, jazz double bass studies at music academies in Würzburg and Cologne with Rudi Engel and Dieter Manderscheid. Performances with double bass, electric bass and violone in the fields of new music, improvised music/ jazz, including with Bloody Jupiter, Polychrome Orchestra, Bass Masse, Ensemble musikfabrik, Ensemble tra i tempi, Ensemble Garage, Ensemble electronic ID, GroBA, Köln Consort.

Leonhard Huhn

started out in the local jazz scene in Berlin until he moved to Cologne in 2006. Studied with Frank Gratkowski at the Cologne University of Music and Dance until 2011 and works as a musician and performer in contemporary contexts. In 2015 he was awarded the Horst-und-Gretl-Will scholarship from the city of Cologne. Cooperations with Sebastian Gramss, Niels Klein, Joscha Oetz, Hayden Chisholm a.o. He won the Tremplin Jazz Avignon Grand Prix 2014. Leonhard gives concerts all over Europe. He is Co-founder of IMPAKT collective Cologne. thisiscar.de

Daniel Prätzlich 

Drummer and composer in various ensembles and internationally active. His focus is on contemporary jazz, improvised music, pop, performance and theater music. Current bands are “InZeit”, “KAVKA”, “Quatre Marteaux”. Wide variety of projects and releases on JazzHausMusik, Unit Records, AO/ NRW gliggrecords, as well as saarland and bavarian broadcast. As a theater musician he performed “The Black Rider” and “Romeo and Juliet” at the Saarland State Theater. Musical director of “Kalif Storch” at the Mainfranken Theater in Würzburg. daniel-praetzlich.de

Fabian Hönes 

studied until 2011 at the University of Music Würzburg with Bill Elgart and at the international Prince Claus Conservatory in Groningen (NL) with Steve Altenberg, Ralph Peterson and Gene Jackson. Concert tours and theater productions have taken him all over Germany, as well as Poland, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Lives and works as a musician and drum teacher in Berlin.  thisishope.de