mahler project

When I first came into contact with Gustav Mahler in 2002, it was the Kindertotenlieder in an eerie and enchantingly beautiful version by Lauren Newton, that opened up a new musical world for me. Since then I had the wish to sing these songs full of mysterious radiance. After 20 years now, it was a concatenation of rare circumstances that brought this tender wish within my grasp, and I feel excitement and happiness to finally resonate with my friend and colleague Henrik Ajax and a fantastic ensemble this year. 

Kindertotenlieder - Betrachtungen zwischen Diesseits und Jenseits

Pegelia Gold - voice/composition/lyrics

Michiko Ogawa - clarinet

Rowan Hamwood - flute

Nora Krahl - cello

Yodfat Miron - viola

Marija Kandic - accordion

Rie Watanabe - percussion

Constantin Herzog - bass/synthesizer

Henrik Ajax - composition

pic. by Anatol Schuster